Next-level sales strategy requires a new style of playbook

Transform your sellers into strategic consultants.
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Digital Sales Playbooks

Engage your sales teams via up-to-date digital playbooks with guidance and coaching to run sales plays for their specific roles, solutions, and targeted verticals.

  • Provide sellers access to the latest and most relevant information to prepare for real time selling activities
  • Easy to create/update playbooks and deploy to everyone
  • Engage sellers with video – executives, thought leaders, leading reps showing what good looks like
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Guided Selling

Guide sellers with the proven plays for each stage of the sales process. Incorporate content, tools, and coaching around critical plays to improve preparation and execution via collaboration.

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Sales Enablement

Utilize video to develop skills and practice prior to selling situations. Managers provide coaching and feedback. Share best practices of what good looks like.

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SalesOptyx is Our Source of Truth

We needed a sales playbook to onboard and train our sales team to deliver a consistent message in the marketplace.

SalesOptyx is a living tool, we use it to refresh knowledge with our reps and utilize the sales challenges feature to improve our reps messaging and talk tracks. We can share learnings virtually and more effectively coach our teams.

Matt Ellis
Chief Revenue Office, Apiture

Brings our Team to Life

Our dispersed team gets better using the sales challenges inside SalesOptyx. We like that it generates social learning and engagement. The challenges helped bring our playbook to life as our teams perfected their pitch.

Kevin Coffey
Vice President of Business
Development, 48forty

SalesOptyx is perfect for...

Use digital playbooks and videos to get everyone on the same page with best practices.

Create awareness and alignment with sales on new messaging, new product launches, and campaigns.

Train and ramp-up new reps faster utilizing video and proven coaching methods.

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